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02-26-20 Legal
Saw Kill Project: State and Local Permitting – Part 2

Jan Borchert, Current Hydro This post is about ... Read More

06-12-19 Finance
PPA – Investor-Developer Relationship Arrangement

Jan Borchert, Current Hydro and Dana Hall, Esq. ... Read More

05-20-19 Legal
The Licensing of Small/Low-Impact Hydropower Projects

Jan Borchert, Current Hydro Applying for a Small ... Read More

05-30-18 Saw Kill
Saw Kill Project: Permitting – Step 1

Laurie Husted, Chief Sustainability Officer, ... Read More

05-30-18 Legal
Federal Regulatory Process

Current Hydro This post will give you a little ... Read More

05-16-18 Legal
State & Local Regulatory Process

Joe O’Brien Applegate, Student, Bard Center for ... Read More

01-04-18 Finance
Measuring Distributed Energy Resources

Kaita Albanese, Student, Bard MBA in ... Read More

01-04-18 Finance
Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Model

Kaita Albanese, Bard MBA in Sustainability ... Read More

09-18-17 Finance
Policy Incentives & Grid Interconnection

Nick Hvozda, Student, Bard MBA in ... Read More

09-08-17 Operations
DEC Resources: Dam Safety

Matt Deady, Professor of Physics, Director of the ... Read More