Jan Borchert, Current Hydro This post is about How the State agencies responded to our Joint […]
Jan Borchert, Current Hydro This post is about How we used the Joint Application Form to […]
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Jan Borchert, Current Hydro and Dana Hall, Esq. To finance the construction of the plant on […]
Jan Borchert, Current Hydro Applying for a Small Hydropower Exemption If a hydropower project falls under […]
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Bard College takes the first step in the microhydro permitting process and submits a Letter of Intent to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).
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Current Hydro This post will give you a little outlook to what the first steps of […]
Joe O’Brien Applegate, Student, Bard Center for Environmental Policy In most cases, the federal government regulates […]
Kaita Albanese, Student, Bard MBA in Sustainability Imagine a blue-sky sunny day in July, and your […]
A Power Purchase Agreement, PPA, is a contract that links a sole entity, or party, who is generating electricity to the sole entity, or party, that is purchasing it.
New York State offers several incentives for developing renewable energy, including micro hydropower. Learn more about incentives and grid interconnection.