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04-30-19 Finance
Financial Models: Overview

Jan Borchert, Current Hydro and Dana Hall, Esq. ... Read More

02-06-19 Finance
Hydropower Costs

Ben Houston, GroundPoint Engineering All ... Read More

11-12-18 Finance
Interactive Mapping Tool: Testing Site Potential

Ben Houston, GroundPoint Engineering ... Read More

05-03-18 Finance
Financial Model Example

Micro Hydropower Spreadsheet Tool User’s How-To ... Read More

01-04-18 Finance
Measuring Distributed Energy Resources

Kaita Albanese, Student, Bard MBA in ... Read More

01-04-18 Finance
Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Model

Kaita Albanese, Bard MBA in Sustainability ... Read More

09-18-17 Finance
Policy Incentives & Grid Interconnection

Nick Hvozda, Student, Bard MBA in ... Read More