Emily White, Research Associate, Bard College/Hudsonia Dam owners have many factors to evaluate when deciding between […]
Emily White, Research Associate, Bard College/Hudsonia When evaluating a site for the potential installation of micro […]
Jan Borchert, Current Hydro Introduction Dams affect more than just the property they are located on. […]
Ben Houston, GroundPoint Engineering The operation of hydroelectric plants can cause serious ecological impacts. When estimating […]
Alexander Thompson Map of Lower Saw kill
This map series takes a local view of the potential impacts of hydropower on water and […]
Ben Houston, GroundPoint Engineering One resource that can be very helpful is data from local municipal […]
Ben Houston, GroundPoint Engineering Understanding Ecosystem Impacts We need to understand what, if any, specific environmental […]
Hydrology is concerned with the amount of water available within a watershed and how that water moves across the landscape. Dams play a role in how water flows and how much water flows down the stream they’re on.
Professor Matthew Deady, Professor of Physics, Director of the Physics Program, Bard College The United States Geological Survey […]
Megan Lynch & Kadijah Spence, Master’s Students, Bard Center for Environmental Policy Background & Life of […]