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Matt Deady, Professor of Physics, Director of the Physics Program, Bard College

Resources on Dams from the New York State Government

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

The NYS-DEC is the relevant state agency for all matters related to dams.  DEC has many offices within the department, and navigating through their levels of organization for the first time can be challenging. Their sub-departmental scheme is laid out here:

1. Department of Environmental Conservation
2. Lands and Waters
3. Bureau of Dam Safety, Coastal & Flood Protection
4. Dam Safety Section

Bureau of Dam Safety, Coastal & Flood Protection




Dam Safety Section


  • Guidance for Dam Hazard Classification
  • Owner’s Guidance Manual for the Inspection and Maintenance of Dams
  • NY Codes, Rules, and Regulations on Dam Procedures and Regulations



Information for Dam Owners

This section includes links to six informational documents for dam owners including dam inspections by owners and inspection of concrete structures at dams.


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